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A Strong Asphalt Driveway"If you want your new blacktop driveway to look good for many years, you need to make sure the gravel or deep based asphalt base is one foot wider than the actual finished blacktop surface" Asphalt Driveway Paving Smooth and Strong Asphalt or blacktop driveways are often the pavement one ends up with a new home.A Guide to Asphalt DrivewaysThe colder the air temperature, the less time asphalt paving crews have to work with the asphalt Crews need time to smooth the asphalt across your driveway If they do not have enough time, your driveway may be bumpy, uneven, or irregular, or the project may not even get finished.When Should I Seal a New Asphalt Driveway?When Should I Seal a New Asphalt Driveway? Sealcoating your new asphalt driveway may be the first thing you want to do in order to protect your investment, especially before the unpredictable and sometimes harsh winters in the Pittsburgh area.How To Install An Asphalt DrivewayJun 08, 2011· How To Install An Asphalt Driveway , Learn how asphalt driveway installation SHOULD be done! , Find a reliable local asphalt paving contractor in your area to pave your new asphalt driveway now!.Frequently Asked Paving and Asphalt QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions What is the difference between sealcoating, and resurfacing of an asphalt driveway? , Why dosen't my new driveway look as smooth as my neighbors driveway? , Why is the surface of my new asphalt driveway not completely uniform in texture? Asphalt is made up of sand, rock, and tar When tar, or sand clump together.3 Best Practice Tips For New Driveway Installation3 Best Practice Tips For New Driveway Installation , Think of your sub grade as the support for your new driveway; the sub grade must be smooth, firm and it should be contoured to match the layout of the driveway , Asphalt Driveways Last

Aug 20, 2004· Sealing an asphalt driveway gives it a fresh, black finish, but the job should be done only once every two or three years Sealing the driveway yearly can lead to unsightly hairline cracks and.Gravel base provides the key to a blacktop driveway's firmApr 26, 2003· It should be graded smooth and then compacted with a heavy rolling machine , Do not seal your new blacktop driveway for at least one year , The driveway should.DrivewaysIt is a smooth, continuous surface , The same is true if undue ground settlement should occur naturally Asphalt driveways can also be designed using porous asphalt, a special asphalt mix that allows water to drain through the pavement into a subgrade reservoir Porous asphalt can often be used to meet local impermeable surfaces codes and.driveway1) Asphalt (liquid) should be a thick soupy consistency that completely coats the aggregates throughout the top 2” minimum layer 2) With loose rocks laying on the top, this is an indication that it was not compacted Rocks should not be able to be kicked off your driveway 3) The aggregate mix is very specific for good performance.Asphalt vs Concrete DrivewaysSo you’re in the market for a new driveway or perhaps you’re building a new home and need to decide how to pave your driveway , asphalt driveways should be sealed Asphalt should then be subsequently sealed every three five years afterwards , It’s not unheard of to have a stained concrete driveway with a smooth finish cost over $15.

How Much Will It Cost To Resurface My Asphalt Pavement?

Mar 12, 2019· As durable and smooth as asphalt driveways can be, they still can sustain damage This is especially the case for driveways that are heavily used by multiple vehicl , What’s more, patching is only an ideal solution for the first few years of a new driveway’s lifespan Keep in mind that most asphalt driveways last for 12 to 15 years only.

How to care for your new asphalt drivewayHOW TO CARE FOR YOUR NEW ASPHALT DRIVEWAY We ask that you keep car traffic off your driveway for at least 3 days If temperatures are real hot we ask that you try not to park on your drive for up to 5 days You may walk on your drive right away Your driveway will need 6 12 months to harden and cure It will remain soft and pliable until then.Care of Your New Asphalt Driveway The First MonthsCare of Your New Asphalt Driveway The First Months Congratulations on your new blacktop driveway We are pleased that you have chosen us as your paving contractor and confident that these facts and recommendations will answer all of your questions for a longer lasting driveway Avoid driving on new asphalt initially.Why sealing your blacktop driveway is pointlessAug 16, 2016· Why sealing your blacktop driveway is pointless , for the city roadways was undoubtedly the same used to make residential driveways Asphalt cement is the binder, or.How Thick Should an Asphalt Driveway Be?The thickness of an asphalt driveway is in part determined by the proportion of liquid asphalt, sand and aggregate in the asphalt mix Spreading a 3 inch thick layer of asphalt over the gravel base is thick enough to provide a smooth, solid surface for vehicl.Why sealing your blacktop driveway is pointlessAug 16, 2016· Why sealing your blacktop driveway is pointless , for the city roadways was undoubtedly the same used to make residential driveways Asphalt cement is the binder, or.Answers to Frequently Asked Asphalt QuestionsThis is what you want As the driveway ages, the sand around the larger aggregate will start to wash out, and the driveway will become more textured This allows the driveway to take more sealer, so the sealer lasts longer When the driveway is new, there is a lot of oil on the surface, which is very smooth.When Can I Drive Or Park On New Asphalt?The scuff marks will go away as the new asphalt cures or the temperature cools down Walking on the new asphalt can be done in 24 hours, but you should not walk on the new asphalt with high heels or shoes with points The heels can dig into the new asphalt, causing ruts and holes in the new asphalt Any sharp shoes such as heels or soccer.How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Asphalt DrivewayHow long should an asphalt driveway last? A typical asphalt driveway might last 20 or 25 years, depending on how well you care for the material Regular seal coating, as recommended by the installer, will protect the asphalt surface and prolong its life, and help to avoid everyday chips and cracks.Driveway Sealing TipsAs a general rule you should seal your driveway every 1 to 3 years More specifically, if you can see the color of the individual stones that make up your asphalt surface, you know it’s time to seal it up A few rules apply before you seal, however For starters, never seal a new asphalt driveway.Why Asphalt Paving Should Be SmoothOct 28, 2014· However, the fact is that asphalt is an economical, environmentally friendly, fast to construct material for parking lots So much so that more than 85 percent of the parking lots in the United States have been constructed using asphalt For a smooth, pothole free and long lasting asphalt parking lot, contact an experienced paving contractor.Little rocks coming off of my asphalt driveway WillNow that the snow is melted, I've noticed that loose little pebbles of asphalt are all over the driveway There are no noticeable cracks or holes in the asphalt The top of the asphalt is also a bit rough and doesn't have that smooth look I've read up about having the driveway sealed and I plan to do this.